Therapy with me offers a spiritually safe space to explore your current concerns.

If you are reviewing this page, it is likely that you need someone who can relate to a situation you may be experiencing that challenges your faith or your spiritual wellbeing.

You may be seeking a therapist who ‘gets’ spirituality; is comfortable thinking, talking, being present, relating, and working together with you on your journey. This can be within the context of your spirituality. Yes – YOUR context.

Our spirituality overlaps all other facets of our lives. Thus, it makes sense to talk about one part of who you are at a time. Gradually, we will fill out the whole being that is YOU.

The following very specifically describes how I can work with you through your spirituality:

What therapy is not:

Christian Counseling

What it can be:

Exploring aspects of pain, strength, healing, and meaning which may be based in scripture, aspects of your religious tradition, or your religious experience.

What therapy is not:

Spiritual Direction

What therapy can be:

Touching on your interpretation and sense of meaning when you know a spiritual experience plays a part in your therapy goals.

What therapy is not:

Pastoral Care

What therapy can be:

A supportive relationship with someone who will come to know, understand, and accept your spirituality – just as it is, just as you are.

Contact me via email or by phone to learn if we are a good fit for your situation.