Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?

311 Ramsey Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102

My office is just one block west of United and Children’s Hospitals below the University Club on Summit Avenue, at the intersection of 35E and Grand Avenue.

I chose this space, because of its peaceful, quite environment, and its history as a place of sanctuary – or safety.

Parking is available in the front of the building, on the hill next to the building, or on the frontage road to the right of the building. There is a larger parking lot, shared with Guildford Homes, accessed by circling around the back of the building.

What is therapy?

Therapy, or psychotherapy, is a process of finding resolution.

The process most often involves talking and conversation, with the therapist’s job being to listen very carefully and supportively. Therapy also can involve the use of play and other means of communication, such as narrative.

Will I know what you talk about in therapy with my child?

Yes and no. This is individualized, and something we will talk about before I meet individually with your child or adolescent.

The younger the child, the more critical it is that you feel directly aware of what has been worked on in play or talk therapy.

The older the child, generally the more important privacy is them. It can be counter-productive if the child knows information will be shared with their parent.

How long will therapy take?

In most cases, we will meet weekly. Therapy generally takes 8-25 sessions.

There are many factors: the need we are responding to, your available resources, and what plan we come up with. This is very individualized. I have had clients focus on very specific goals in just 5 weeks, and clients who I’ve worked with weekly for an entire year.

Is there a long wait before I can get in?

Generally, I will be able to see you within 1-3 days for your first session. Sometimes the same evening.

After that, it is generally 1-2 weeks for us to find a regularly scheduled time. I believe it is important that I be available to support you at the time you are seeking help. I have intake appointments on most evenings, or weekends, if that is needed.

For ongoing appointments, I have a limited number of evening slots.

Will I or my child end up with a diagnosis?

It depends. A diagnosis is not required. I generally prefer not to diagnose. If there were reason for a diagnosis (insurance, treatment coordination with other service providers), we would decide together and discuss the implications

Do you prescribe medication?

No. I am not a medical doctor. I am knowledgeable and try to stay current with information about medications. I am confident when consultation with medical providers is requested by you.

Do you take private insurance?

Yes.  I am in network with Minnesota Health Care Programs, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, PreferredOne, and UCare.

Out-Of-Network.  If you do not see your insurance listed, I may be able to assist in billing for out-of-network services.  I do provide a detailed invoice, and system of direct payment to make this as simple as is possible.

Private Pay.  Why?

Insurance companies require a diagnosis and access to all of your information. They can set limits on what type of therapy and how many sessions will be paid for. This puts them in control, and takes the focus away from a clear plan that you and I form together.  It is best that you identify your goals, with my support. I believe that is not something an insurance company is qualified to decide for us.

How much will I invest?

Therapy is an investment that can and should provide relieve, resolution, and set the course for your healthy future.  This investment is in yourself, your family, and your child.  When therapy at Strength and Healing LLC, is a private pay service, and payment is requested prior to each session.  Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.