Does My Child Have Autism?

How painful it is when you first here that your child needs to be evaluated? You may be angry, sad, scared. You may be at a point where you do not agree with this concern and recommendation. What to do next?

Perhaps the autism has been identified, treated, and planning has been in place for some time. Yet, it seems no one understands what if feels like for YOU.

Perhaps your child is struggling significantly, and it feels impossible to figure out if there is something else going on related to mental health, experiences at school, or simply your child’s own experience internally.

Raising a Child with Autism

Raising a child with autism is a very personal experience. It requires dedication and personal energy. Autism can present in very different ways, and it exists on a continuum. A person with autism can and will learn social skills, communication skills, and coping skills. Fortunately, early detection, early interventions, and treatments are possible. Together we are learning more, and it’s most often the person with autism who teaches us the most.

How Do I as an Adult Live with Autism?

When you are the one with autism, not everyone understands. It may be difficult to discern if there are issues related to your autism at work, at school, and/or in your personal relationships.

Social interactions, management of emotions, telling others what you are thinking or feeling, or interpreting others’ actions and words may all be struggles for you.

Perhaps you look back and realize you have learned so much on your own, without support or understanding. Perhaps you are wondering if you have autism. Perhaps you know someone who needs help, and you suspect autism. Skills needed to be a successful person may not come readily or naturally. Figuring these out can take endurance. How to exist successfully in society is complicated and takes work.

My Experience

I have worked closely with parents and staff, providing information, training, and often significant support on site. My roles have included: evaluations, individual therapy, group social skills instruction, and intervention planning with parents, classroom teachers, and community service providers.

In my therapy practice I do not provide comprehensive autism evaluations. I am able to offer screening, a preliminary perspective, and then teaming with specialized autism clinics and programs where they provide highly specialized and in depth evaluations and treatment recommendations.

Often they have extensive waiting lists, require traveling a distance for appointment times that take your child from school, and provide an intensity of service that is beyond what your child needs. I consider myself to be an autism provider, local to Saint Paul, who can provide the support needed for the long haul.

Reasons to Contact Me

I’d be happy to provide a free consultation and answer any questions I can. These are possible reasons to call, and we can just have a comfortable conversation:

  • If you suspect autism in yourself or another
  • If you need information about community resources
  • Initial screening and recommendations of next steps
  • Therapy focus
  • Parent education
  • School-based team collaboration

You may contact me from my contact page form, by e-mail, by phone, or by text.