Adult Therapy

You know yourself better than anyone.

Your story is yours, and something I am honored to hear.

How therapy occurs and what it will focus on is up to you. I can help you think about the approach. Over time, this may change.

With an effective therapeutic relationship, you will make changes, feel progress, and hopefully just feel better.

My role is to collaborate, bring in information, teach skills, and point out insights and strengths you already have. I use various strategies successfully within this context. We may use:

  • Traditional talk therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Talk and walk therapy
  • Writing/journaling therapy
  • Creative modalities of expression

We may set specific goals and talk about specific skills to learn.

We may use a solution-focused approach in which we defining the problem, identify your strengths and resources, and centering everything around solutions.

We way choose to work longer term looking deeper inside your experiences, your relationships with other, and your relationship with yourself.

When to Consider Therapy

  • If you have experienced a traumatic life event and need skilled support
  • When experiencing emotional distress: depression, anxiety, difficulty controlling extreme emotions. Symptoms can include difficulty sleeping or concentrating, feeling sad or isolated, changes in your behavior, thoughts of not wanting to be alive, feeling that you are a burden to others, and concerns expressed by others.
  • Life transition points: Career path, spiritual journey, identity formation, changes in long-term relationships.
  • When your functioning begins to have a negative impact on those around you

Shall we start?

Please contact me by texting, calling, or using the contact form on my website. I encourage an in-person consultation, but we can start with a phone consultation. Either are free and can help each of us. If we feel it is not a good fit for us to work together, I likely can suggest another therapist for you.