When you are in the midst of crisis and stress it is nearly impossible to see clearly just how you got there, and how to get out.

Looking at yourself in the mirror, when you know things have to change, can be painful, scary, and anxiety producing. Taking care of yourself, especially when there are others who depend on you, is very difficult to do.

Add stressful situations and general problems, and finding relief and change is critical.

You do not have to do it alone.

Therapy can help.

Therapy for Adults

You may not believe you have what it takes to figure things out. Finding the confidence to even begin facing these difficulties, is like searching in the dark and not knowing exactly what you will find.

Why do this alone? Whether anxiety and depression, major life transitions, crisis, or coping with experienced trauma, having a therapist who understands you is critical.

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Therapy for Children

Too often the struggles children face go unnoticed, and it is crucial that these be addressed and supported as early as possible. The child you are concerned about may be experiencing anxiety, social difficulties, behavioral struggles, or difficulties that are a combination of factors.

Seeking help for your child is one of the most important investments, and can positively effect the rest of their lives.

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Performance Artist Coaching

Today’s performing arts scene is competitive and stressful. Those who are most passionate about their art, and the most gifted, experience their art on a deeply personal and spiritual level. This is the case for the youngest music student, all the way to adult musicians in the later stages of life. Depression, suicide, anxiety, identity crisis, physical injury, and career stress are all too common.

Including a therapist in what can be a powerfully rewarding, and yet equally difficult, creative life can make a significant difference in how you experience your life.

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Epilepsy Services

It may seem that no one truly understands what it like to have a seizure. The toll this can take on your emotional wellbeing is immense. The doctor visits, the tests, the brain scans, the driving restrictions, the medications. But where is the specialized mental health service?

Therapy with someone who can compassionately support in emotional self-care, mindfulness skills, and guidance on mental health needs when they co-exist with epilepsy can improve your life.

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You are valuable.

You have the right to feel confident, cared for, and safe.

Taking the step to invest in experienced help through therapy, is not only something you deserve for yourself, it is often the key to becoming most effective and healthy in the lives of those you touch.

If you are ready to give yourself the help you deserve, please call or use the contact form below.

Brant Thomsen

After a childhood and adolescence centered around emotional expression through music, I started out as a piano performance major at New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. After moving to Minnesota, I continued pursuing piano performance, while discovering my passion for counseling and clinical social work.

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